Should We Make Cigarettes Illegal?

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Do you think cigarettes are good? I know I do not because they are horrible for your health. Some of these reasons why making cigarettes illegal would be a good outcome are less air pollution, reducing healthcare costs, and decreasing the possibility of fires. These reasons are why I think cigarettes should be illegal, there are so many good outcomes.

First, you should make cigarettes illegal to lessen pollution. When people smoke the cigarettes release carcinogens and other toxins. The toxins they contain can leach into the soil and sometimes they can even get into our water supply. Studies have shown that the cigarette butts are the number one item littering U.S. roads. The act of manufacturing cigarettes creates tons of chemical wastes each year. All of these facts are why cigarettes pollute the air
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Of every ten dollars spent on healthcare in the United States, almost 90 cents is due to smoking. Over 18 percent of U.S. adults smoke cigarettes and one in five deaths are caused by smoking, according to the CDC. Cigarettes can cause heart and lung problems, eye disease, skin problems, and many cancers. These facts show that cigarettes affect healthcare costs.

Lastly, making cigarettes illegal will decrease the possibility of fires. Ever since 2009, fifty percent of deaths in accidental house fires in Tyne and Wear were caused by smoking materials. Just 2012 and 2013 by themselves fourteen people were injured in cigarette smoking related to house fires. The smoking materials in cigarettes are the biggest killer in house fires in the area. These facts on how cigarettes can cause fires is one of the reasons why cigarettes should be illegal.

After reading all this and knowing it you should help make cigarettes illegal. They affect our atmosphere. Other people have to suffer because some people smoke. All these reasons are why I think cigarettes should be
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