Should We Mine This Ore Lab Report

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Should We Mine This Ore?


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One of the most important skills to have in the chemistry lab is the understanding of how chemicals will react. Knowing for example, how a chemical will react with a metal, is an excellent way of determining the amount of a particular metal in a deposit. This knowledge was used in this lab to determine the amount of copper in an unknown sample mixture. It is also known that the determination of the percent concentration of a certain solution, will directly effect the percent transmission and absorption of a solution, dependent upon its dilution. By first testing known concentrations of a solution, and plotting this information graphically, a line is formed
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Record each result individually then add to your results.
To Measure the Copper in the Ore Put approximately 9-10(g) copper ore into beaker. Use spatula to break up any large pieces. Next add 17ml H2SO4 (aq) (hydro sulfuric acid) to the beaker. Began mixing until all or most traces of blue dissipate; or the copper ore will no longer dissolve (should appear as a milky liquid). Next use pipette to and remove solution and divide solution into 2 individual test tubes then Place test tubes into centrifuge and run centrifuge for 1 minute. Remove from centrifuge machine Fill a cuvette with the clear solution from the test tube making sure not to disturb the sediment at the bottom. Note the solution should bluish in tint Final place the cuvette in the colorimeter. Then record data and calculate in results section.

Data & Results

Light absorbance test done to see which was a purer substance readily available
Chart Showing the light absorbance
17 mL HNO₃ Used to dilute/dissolve 9.13g of Cu(NO₃)₂
Formula retrieved from line of best fit: Y=2.7996x - 0.0118
Finding “x”
0.216 = 2.7996x - 0.0118
0.2278 = 2.7996x
0.0814 = x
Finding the percent ore

Upon finishing the experiment it was concluded that the the ability to determine whether or not the ore should be mined was successful. According to the data results it was determined that

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