Should We Pay A House?

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People always focused on their looks and not enough focused on education. It’s like all they care about is being beautiful instead of trying to learn. They were too concerned about learning how to be prettier, and not at all concerned about education. I mean, as they get older, they 're going to have to know about things to get a job. They also need to know what to do in the future, for example, when they become an adult, they 're going to have to know how to get the money to buy a house. They will also need to know how to do math, so they can by, let’s say, food from the store. They need to know how to count money and all that. If no one had education, then how could they get through life, when they don’t know anything. Some people might like to be pretty, but they shouldn’t choose being pretty over education. My opinion about this is that people shouldn’t care about beauty more than they would care about education. All of this led them to think about what would really happen if they had no education, like they don’t. It sunk in so far that they thought about it over and over again. They thought they were ugly with no makeup on and not dressed in the way that they did. They thought being pretty was more important than being educated. Since they think that,
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