Should We Pay The Minimum Wage?

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When deciding on pay rate you have to take into consideration as to where your business is located, are the cooks getting minimum wage or higher, are the hostess getting paid server minimum wage plus tip outs or are they getting the normal minimum wage amount same with bussers, also with management you have to consider people are coming to work for you from somewhere else either in hopes of making more money or to better themselves. Either way you will have to know if you can afford to do what you are wanting to before you do the hiring and telling people what the pay rate is. The operational process that is critical for the success would be knowing that the process that you are currently doing now is not working and knowing that you will have to change it to make a better one. Also having the right staffing will come into play. You want your staff to work as the way the manual shows and tells them to, if there are people who are not following the manual then they are the ones who will bring your company down in the long run. You not having a visual standpoint from a customer point of view will not help either. You need to realize the customer’s wants and needs. When deciding on your target market you have to realize that you aren’t going to appeal to everyone, people have different tastes and interests. Trying to appeal to everyone is a plan that will bring failure rather than success. When figuring out who your target market will you have to consider the type of food

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