Should We Ratify The Constitution?

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Right now a debate is occurring about whether or not we should ratify the Constitution. This is an important moment in our countries history.It is important to our countries history because if we ratify the Constitution the Executive branch would have all of the power. If we didn 't ratify the Constitution the states would have power. The proposed Constitution would give the Executive branch the right to tax the American citizens and the states wouldn 't be able to say no to it. My position is an Anti-Federalist. One reason we should not ratify the Constitution is because the Executive branch would be able to tax citizen and the states wouldn 't be able to say no.Amos Singletary stated that Congress wouldn 't lay taxes directly but they will still collect all the money they want. "They tell us Congress won 't lay direct taxes upon us, but collect all the money they want by impost."This means that Congress is going to tax the people in other way then directly and they can tax the people with as much money as they want. That means that many people are going to go into debt because they don 't have enough money to pay them. Singletary also says, Congress expects to be in a higher class of the Constitution and get all of the money and power. "They expect to be the managers of this Constitution, and get all the power and all the money into their own hands."This means that Congress is going to receive all of the money that is supposed to get our country out of debt and use it for
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