Should We Rent An Apartment Or Pay For A Hospital? How Much Will Housing Cost?

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Imagine finding out that your child was diagnosed with cancer. I bet a million questions would be going through your head. How much is the treatment going to cost? How are we going to get to the hospital every time my child needs treatment? And how are we going to pay to get to there? Where will we stay? Should we rent an apartment or pay for a hotel? How much will housing cost? There are several answers to all of those questions. Families never receive a bill from St. Jude (“St. Jude Facts; Quick Facts & Figures”). St. Jude will pay for the transportation to get to the hospital so families will never have to worry about paying for the gas or the ticket to get there (“Families Never Pay; Travel”). St. Jude will also pay for any meals or…show more content…
If she was not cured, I would not be here today. She would have passed away if it would not have been for St. Jude’s and she would have never had me. Audience / Clients / Users Patients receiving treatment at St. Jude’s, as well as the hospital itself, will benefit from my project. The patient’s parents will also benefit because they will not have to worry about paying for anything. All they have to worry about is their child and being a good support system for them. Timeline September Deliverables Register our school and find out what the whole fundraiser entails before we register our school (9/29) Talk with Kim Johnson (Cheer Coach) (9/29) Talk with Mrs. Salsman (9/29) Daily Updates on Google Classroom October Deliverables Contact/be in touch with St. Jude Representative (10/10) Talk to/with GHS cheerleaders who cheer FB & BB (Josie) and Mrs. Mersman (10/31) Daily Updates on Google Classroom November Deliverables Fill out fundraising paperwork (11/3) Assign leadership roles (11/14) Contact anyone who may need to be contacted (11/22) Find ideas on how we will fundraise (11/24) Set up online fundraising page (11/29) If doing silent auction, ask businesses and general public if they would like to donate anything to the cause (11/30) Daily Updates on Google Classroom Weekly meetings between the different committees December Deliverables Decide on an incentive
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