Essay on Should We Respect Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestlers?

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Pro Wrestlers – Why Can’t They Get Any Respect?

Time to point out the obvious: pro-wrestling is not a sport. Why? Because pro-wrestling involves no sport[ing]. Wrestlers do not show up to work every day trying to do all they can to win; they show up to work trying to do all they can to do their job, which is entertain the fans. However, this line of thinking often leads to another conclusion: If pro wrestling is not a sport, then wrestlers are not athletes. This could not be further from the truth. What pro wrestlers do in the ring day in and day out may not be sport, but it is athletic activity on the most demanding level. It is high time that the men and women who work harder than any other professional athletes got a little
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Pro wrestling is year-round. There IS NO OFF-SEASON. For this reason, wrestlers take "Work Injuries," faked injuries that give them time off while their in-ring personas "get well."

As for the in-ring work itself, there is very little anyone can say to truly refute that wrestlers are incredibly talented athletes. I will give two examples of the hundreds of moves that can be in a wrestler's repertoire. One is an example of "taking a bump," or being on the receiving end. The other is an example of a tough-to-execute high-flying move of the "lucha libre" style (a Mexican-developed high-risk style of wrestling).

The first is called a "sidewalk slam." Imagine for a moment that you lie stomach-down over the shoulder of a man who stands 6'7" tall, facing behind him. He grabs you by the legs around your thighs, and swings you in an arc that takes you straight backwards, and slams you down flat-backed on the mat (which, by the way, is a thin sheet of canvas covering a wooden platform). Now, granted, as a trained wrestler, you know how to take that bump, and land correctly, and your trained wrestler opponent knows how to deliver the move without snapping your back. But I challenge you to claim that such a maneuver doesn't hurt at all under the given circumstances.

The second example I will use is called the "Shooting Star Press." Now imagine that you are standing above the "turnbuckle," one of four corner poles where the ropes around the ring

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