Should We Sell Our Privacy For Convenience? Essay

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Have we sold our privacy for convenience? Smart refrigerators snap pictures of their innards, letting us know it’s time to buy milk … while we shop. On a chilly winter’s day shopping, we text home telling our connected thermostat and coffeemaker to welcome us back to a warm home, and hot cup of java. Our internet equipped car navigates our way home while keeping everyone entertained, from which we activate our WiFi enabled Christmas lights, and unlock or WiFi enabled home door locks, shortly before arrival. Once home, we cue up the Xbox and kill some zombies. Later, we update our Facebook status with a smart TV, as we collapse on the couch from a hard day shopping. Any, and all of these members of the, internet of things, can, or do, spy on us. Whether it be a hacker trying to steal from us, a company gathering personal information for profit, or big brother, our interconnected devices of convenience leaves our physical things, and possibly worse, our personal identity, vulnerable. What price have we chosen to pay for these conveniences? In 2013, a first of its kind global internet spam attack, took place. What differentiated this attack from a myriad of others, was an unexpectedly new, and surprising conspirator; smart appliances. Yes … smart TVs, smart coffeemakers, and smart refrigerators, were perpetrators in a first of its kind, cyber-attack. After investigations concluded, the security firm Proofpoint stated “About 25% of the messages seen by Proofpoint

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