Should We Send People To Mars

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Should we really send people to Mars? After considering Andy Weir's statement regarding travel to Mars, I am of the opinion that we as a nation should not fund a manned mission to Mars in the near future because it will be expensive, dangerous, and robots could do the same things as humans. With one mission to mars, it will be enough to discover but the risks you might take will be dangerous and could cause your life.
Sending people to Mars is expensive and waste a lot of money on spaceships and all the equipment you need in order to have a mission to go to mars. We could just stop spending billions of dollars in space missions and get our attention in what our planet needs and could improve our environment. The ocean is something that we haven't fully discovered yet and they are still developing technology to go to ocean floors and discover what there is. "The oceans play a major role in controlling our climate. But we have not learned yet how to use them to cool us off rather than contribute to our overheating" ( Etzioni ). With this money, we could help earth instead of wasting money for missions
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By going to mars you could have nerve damage, getting blind and dementia, 16% of the loss of bone density, 40% muscle density not work. All these symptoms are a cause of getting people to travel to mars and that is something that we need to prevent from happening and until it is safe to travel, but right now it’s a no to going to mars. Sending robots are less dangerous than sending a human there is less risk because a robot is easier to feed, they are much easier to shield from radiation and could do things that a human could do. A robot is less cost for just sending one and a one-way trip and they don’t have to sleep only to recharge but is way easier than having a human in outer space than a
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