Should We Still Have States? Essay

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Should We Still have States?
States are an integral part of our governmental structure: however, the relationship between states and the Federal Government has changed over time. Framers of our Constitution and the country, such as Hamilton and Madison, disagreed over the role of government and which level of government was best suited to serve citizens. Nevertheless, states were kept as a key component of our government system. The American form of federalism and the balance of power between states and the Federal Government has also changed as the result of several key court decisions and will likely continue to change as opinions on responsibilities of government and interpretations of the Constitution change. States will always have a major role in establishing laws, providing public services, and making economic decisions that are most appropriate for their constituents. Sates will also continue to be a check and balance against a too-powerful centralized government. The communication between states also creates a balance so that national government does not become too powerful.
When the United States was formed, there was much discussion over the structure of government and how much power a centralized, federal government should have. Hamilton wanted no states to be established and wanted punishment to states for disobedience. Hamilton stated, "A government, the Constitution of which renders it unfit to be trusted with all the powers, which a free people ought to
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