Should We Trust Eye-Witnessed Evidence

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The question that I picked: History-Should we trust eye-witnessed evidence?
Eye-witnessed evidence is a stellar tool to solve the crime issues and also to be able to find out unknown historical events by someone’s testimony. Therefore, we were gaining huge benefit through the eye-witnessed evidence. For example, there was one flagrant trickster in South Korea who deceived 20 million middle class people in order to take 4 billion Korean won in 2008. After he perceived that Korean policeman is trying to round up him for deceiving many people, so he stows away to China. Many Chinese policemen was trying to capture him but couldn’t catch him until now because China is such a huge country to look for him. But one day, South Korean reporter uploaded this issue in the ‘Weibo’
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At last, his right hand was captured through someone’s eye witness and this became momentum moment to speed up the investigation. This example explicitly showing that eye-witnessed is very handy. Albeit, we never had a chance to think very carefully about the quality of eye-witnessed evidence. As I mentioned above, eye-witnessed evidence is based on one’s testimony and one will be able to speak out his testimony through his ‘perception’. However, perception is the only one’s opinion and most of the people might disagree to one’s opinion. Majority people have different expectation outcomes on certain situation since they have received education in different place and environment. Selectivity of perception could be one of the factor that can hinder accuracy of eye-witnessed evidence since around the world there are a lot of happening but our humans are not able to perceive everything in one time. Furthermore, there must be a solid proof in order to believe or trust one’s eye witnessed evidence testimony and if
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