Should We Use An Airport?

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Day by day, airports are consumed by an uncounted worth of people. Not only are there just people that use an airport, there are multiple varieties and types of people just like any place. There are airports all around the world, but there always seems to be slightly the same kind of people in each airport. Everyone is different but typically there always seems to be the same types of people at any airport that any person would go to. As any traveler walks into a busy airport, they feel the whip of slightly air-conditioned air hit their face as the automatic door slowly slides open. The roar from the suitcase rolling on top of the perfectly matched tiled floor carries over the sound of travelers. The lines of various travelers and their baggage attempting to check-in absorb the openness of the giant portion of the airport. As the giant line moves, there is the mother of a family, huffing and puffing as she is frantically moving half her closet that she had packed into her child’s mini suitcase that has a Disney character on the front. Her husband is sitting back but attempting to help but is just getting the death glare from his wife as if he had done something wrong. Once done checking-in, the madly in love couple tells each other goodbye. The couple seems to be in the way of everyone as they kiss on each other’s neck, suitcases are dodging them, and people crinkle their nose as, “get a room” is read on their face disgusted faces. Security guards meet travelers at the
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