Should We Use Oil Everywhere? Essay

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The world relies on its resources to sustain life, and we rely on those resources to live, one resource that is not vital to our survival but almost as important to us as water is oil. Oil can be found in our everyday lives, not just in our gasoline, diesel fuel or petroleum it can be found everywhere in things like your toothbrush, our computers and much more. The fact that we use oil everywhere is a large issue because the oil in the world is running out. Conventional oil, oil which is produced from general drilling techniques is being depleted fast, faster than we can adapt. With the help of technology, the world has been able to find almost all of theses reservoirs which are an amazing achievement. However, this means that we have found all the oil in the world or most of it, meaning that a resource that once probably seemed infinite has become finite. Many countries rely on oil both for imports and exports, many oil-rich regions export gasoline and diesel fuel, and many regions that lack oil need gas and diesel to operate machinery like farming equipment to produce food. Another effect the end of oil will have, is sparking the use alternate resources and methods to subsite for crude oil, and many of these materials will have worse consequences than oil did on the environment. The end of conventional oil will have many repercussions on the world, such as drastic changes daily lives to our daily lives, the economic status of many regions, and the environmental effects of
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