Should Wearing Uniforms Be Banned?

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This world is created by people, and people are creating rules. Rule is a statement that tells you what is allowed or what will happen within a particular system. States have laws for residents such as they can’t murder, can’t steal or take others’ treasures, and can’t violate someone’s houses without permission. Also, wearing uniforms, going to school on time, focusing in classes, and not cheating on exams are rules students have to follow in schools. With companies, employees can’t eat or sleep during working time, can’t be off from work without permissions, have to concentrate and complete their works, and they can’t smoke in working areas. Same with an apartment in The Tenant, the tenant Trelkovsky has to follow landlord and other tenants’ rules in order to stay in that apartment. However, those laws seem to be impossible to follow and lead Trelkovsky to tragic situation. He can’t obey these laws, but he also can’t escape from those former tenants’ rules: “Don’t let anyone rent a space in your head unless they’re a good tenant.” The most obvious thing throughout the movie is the inability of Trelkovsky to win against the group of former tenants included the landlord, Monsieur Zy. This shows up clearly through the motif of Trelkovsky’s actions which are always complained by other tenants. At first, when he heard of a landlord’s conditions, everything seemed to be good deal with Trelkovsky because he’s a quiet and simple person who fits exactly what the owner wants.
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