Should Weight Loss Supplement Advertisements Be Banned?

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Should Weight Loss Supplement Advertisements be Banned? We live in a world where the mass media are incessantly influencing people to look a certain way. Advertisers persuade us that a slender figure is the only accepted body shape. They make us feel horrible about ourselves and urge us to take considerable measures. This is done by advertising tons of weight loss supplements, which will apparently help us have the same shape we saw on TV or in magazines. Should we really be manipulated to buy those supplements? It is very arguable whether these supplements work or not, but we should definitely not let the advertising industry control our thinking. Banning these weight loss supplement advertisements would help some people, especially young adults, celebrities, and athletes, to choose healthier options of losing weight and to be confident about their body shapes. These advertisements about weight loss supplements are not the solution to healthily losing weight. The advertising industry tricks us into buying these supplements, but they do not reveal all the side effects they bring along. An article written by Triplett shows how much money is spent annually in the weight loss supplements’ business in the United States. Triplett states, “Americans spend at least $16 billion a year on nearly 30,000 kinds of dietary supplements, most of which seem safe” (Triplett). But, not all of dietary supplements are as safe as advertisements claim them to be. Unlike over-the counter
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