Should Welfare Be A Welfare?

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Since the 70’s the term Welfare Queen has been used to describe our nation’s poor single mothers that receive welfare benefits instead of being gainfully employed. Society’s misconception is that they can be found buying fake Gucci purses out of the trunks of late model BMWs in gas station parking lots and appear on Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. These undereducated young mothers seem like cunning, conniving, county con artists that celebrate their poverty and hide the fact that being a welfare recipient affords a lack luster lifestyle that leaves them broke and stressed out once they log off of their social media sites. These women are the unchallenged authority on how to buy anything on EBT and the fabulous food stamp life. They portray a lifestyle that welfare critics will never stop talking about. Royalty that isn’t so royal – America’s Welfare Queen. This term has led to prejudice, misunderstandings, and society’s misconception of welfare recipients.
Society has the strange misconception that welfare recipients prefer to remain uneducated, unemployed, and are uninterested in becoming self-sufficient. The words welfare queen embodies the preconceived notion that single mothers are living lavishly at the Government’s and tax payer’s expense. This could be nothing further from the truth. 2015 stated, “The average monthly welfare stipend is around $167 per person”. Meaning that a family of four has to survive an average of 30 days on $668. Also
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