Should Welfare Be Limited with Time

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Should Welfare be Limited with Time Picture this, you’re in the grocery store and you have budgeted yourself down to the last dime. You then think how hard you have worked for two weeks and you’re already low on cash because you had to pay rent, utilities, and other necessary bills. In front of you is standing a woman with a grocery cart full of groceries. You wonder how she can afford all that with the way prices are up. Then she pulls out a card, which looks like a debit card and tells the clerk food stamps. Once the transaction has gone through she pulls out a $50 dollar bill to pay for her remaining purchase, which you realize is a pack of cigarettes and beer. Does this anger you to know that the taxes that are taken out of your hard…show more content…
Maybe by providing stricter guidelines, such as job search requirements, along with proof of the job search, welfare would not be as attractive and recipients will be more likely to get a job. Newt Gringrich, a Former speaker of the House of Representatives, wrote an essay titled “Renewing America” “The welfare system has sapped the spirit of the poor and made it harder to climb the first rung of the economic ladder.” ( Sucha system has placed an unfair burden on the hard workers who are forced to pay for these programs. Gringrich states, “Why should taxpayers be forced to take fiscal responsibility for those who do not take responsibility for themselves? He continues to say “As individuals,we are responsible for our own actions and their consequences.” If people do notcare about their own well being then why should I be forced to care? As Gringrich sees it, “If society is responsible for everything, then no one is personally responsible for anything. With that said, without responsibility, are we truly free? Welfare should be used for the right purposes; to help those who are truly in need get on their feet and become successful. But because of the excessive misuse, welfare has now developed a stigma, and should be reformed to its original notion, and that is for its help and not
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