Should Welfare Recipients Be More Selective? For Recipients Of Welfare?

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When people are working, many think that everything is great and nothing will happen to their good life, but in some cases they are fired out of the blue and don’t have anything to fall back on. It is for instances such as these that welfare needs to be available to people who genuinely need help from the government. Some believe that the government should become more selective in choosing recipients of welfare in order to prevent people from taking advantage of the programs, but the government should remember that many citizens (about 35.4% of the population) depend on government aid such as Medicaid, SNAP, food stamps, etc.
The government should try to find a better way to detect fraud and start preventing it, especially since it has
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In his article Welfare Recipients Take EBT to Disney World and Vegas, Daniel Greenfield wrote that,
“On Aug. 1, 2011, one or more EBT cards were used within a three-minute time frame to access nearly $500 in welfare cash at an ATM in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. That particular ATM happens to be located almost on top of the campus of Disney World Resorts. The list goes on to include Las Vegas, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Four Seasons Resort Aviara in California.”
People are withdrawing welfare money in places that are some of the top vacation spots in the country with Las Vegas being the worst. These withdrawals aren’t being made by wealthy people; they are being made by people who claim that they are poor and really need government aid when in reality they are using it to take vacations. It’s even worse that these people are basically using their fellow citizens’ money to pay for trips. People work very hard to earn their paycheck, so for recipients to take vacations with this money is just awful. It’s people like this that give welfare a bad reputation when it isn’t even that many people who are doing it, but it only takes a few to ruin something for many.
While setting
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