Should Women Be Able To Smile Analysis

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Should Women Be Able To Smile The purpose of Amy Cunningham’s “Why Women Smile” has shown the history of society swaying women’s emotions through smiles. The article enlightens the fact that women’s feelings are shaped by society even though legally women are equal and free. Not only does she refer to her personal experience of a fake smile, but also to a psychologist’s viewpoint and experiments to justify her standpoint on the influences of women smiling. The author gives explanations on how historically society can make a woman feel obligated to smile even though they’re not in state of happiness. Cunningham explains the influences of women smiling not only through history and past public opinions, but also through the different phases of life we see in the process of human growth.…show more content…
We see this when “babies also smile and laugh with relief when they realize that something they thought might be dangerous is not dangerous after all” (Cunningham 3). The article clarifies that infant females tend to smile at things that are not harmful or endangering their safety. Cunningham may have used this evidence to show that later in life women tend to smile at things that are harmless as seen when women are babies. This situation was included in the article due to the fact that the author wanted to inform his readers about why women smile at things that are not dangerous. The article shows how women’s emotions can and cannot be related to when they smile. The author gives detailed examples on how woman are perceived as always smiling and in no way in a terrible mood. Cunningham shows how in the past women is not always having happy facial expressions because of the need to seem harmless. Despite the evidence given to us by the author, Cunningham still explains that she wants women to smile in the future whether or not it’s a smirk or a
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