Should Women Be Allowed During Combat The Us Armed Forces?

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Should Women Be Allowed in Combat in the US Armed Forces? I will be researching a very high profile issue that our government and our citizens are debating vehemently, Should Women Be Allowed in Combat in the US Armed Forces? Women have be in combat situations in Iraq and Afghanistan since September 11, 2001, and at least 88 of our mothers, daughter and sister have been brutally killed. (Ashley Fantz, CNN) Society has gone overboard when it comes to politically correctness. Men and women are not equal, equal means to be the same, identical. Men and women are totally not equal. I believe women should have equal pay for equal work, but to send our women to fight other men on the battlefield is ridiculous. This agenda that is being pushed by…show more content…
We must protect our women at all cost because they are what make the world go around. They are precious and they should be treated as such. Review of Sources My I have used the internet for my source information. The internet is filled with up to date scholarly articles, journals and books online at our finger tips today. I also have used the Rio Salado Library that has an excellent online library and online database full of articles and journals. The topic that I am researching Should Women Be Allowed in Combat in the US Armed Forces? I had no problem finding more than enough information on the topic. Here are some of my sources (, National, and Opposing Viewpoints) these sources have given me a lot of pro’s and con’s to think on and write about regarding my topic. The majority of my pro sources are in agreement with me that women should not go into combat and the con sources are not in disagreement they are just expressing another viewpoint, like should the government mandate the decision on women entering the infantry. Most of the authorities on this issue and authors believe that America will take a second look at this issue of women going into combat when our mothers and daughters are sent home in body bags and in pieces. It is worst enough to see your sons come home like that but your daughters are a whole different ball game. (Schlafly, Phyllis, Opposing Viewpoints) wrote from one my sources articles saying, makes an excellent
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