Should Women Be Allowed For Wear A Niqab Of Face

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1 - What is the social problem/issue that you will be researching (your topic)? Should women be allowed to wear a niqab of face veil to civic ceremonies? 2 - What do you currently know about this topic? “Niqab” is not ancient “traditional dress in most Muslim countries, but is a fairly recent innovation. Niqab is not mandated in the Quran; it arose later as a Muslim custom. Niqab have been banned in several Muslim countries or places in the Muslim world. There is nothing in Qu’rem supporting niqab, it is a Wahhabi affectation that speaks more of their attempt to dominate all Muslims than it does adherence to the will of god (Allah). There has been a lot of debate over whether the women should be allowed to wear the niqab in public not just civic ceremonies. Some believe its offensive and/or oppresses the women, and others think it’s what makes Canada diverse. However, I know that the government isn 't allowing them to wear their face veil while they are getting their citizenship and it 's being discussed in the courts. 3 - Why does this problem/issue concern you? In many Muslim countries, women lack equality and basic rights as there is still social pressure for the unveiled to conform. According to people, if they don’t wear “niqab” they are not being good Muslims. Many women wish to go unveiled but cannot as in some places its illegal, and in other places they face murder, beating and other domestic violence. It is believed that if you are wearing niqab one can’t

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