Should Women Be Allowed To Work On The Front Lines?

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Isn’t everyone created equal, so everyone should get equal opportunities right? Women should be allowed to fight alongside men in battle on the front lines. Equality is a big deal these days and it should apply to everything. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible as long as you believe it; why not give it a shot? The equal rights gained by women a long time ago should be applied now. Those who volunteer for front line jobs will be willing to put in the work to meet the standards. The women who are dedicated will do what it takes to become a perfect soldier. With different training efforts, physical differences will be addressed prior to entering war situations. To reduce the likelihood of injury, women would get extra pre-training so that they would be build up enough strength. In today’s frontline warfare, intellect is more valuable than physical strength. Women help with team building and leadership skills beneficial to front line combat teams and success. Therefore, women are just as suitable as men if they tried hard enough.…show more content…
A few years ago, over 800 women in two wars had been wounded and more than 130 had died. This caused people to think that women are very vulnerable and get hurt easier. With the dedication and motivation that our women these days have, our military would would have not only the strength but they would also have the brains. Although women generally aren’t as physically strong as men, if they put the work into it anything is possible. On the mental aspect, yes women are more sensitive but if you are passionate enough you will do what you have to. Considering being sensitive, it gives you a bigger outlook and you are more open-minded. The differences between men and women would actually help when deciding on the strategies and it would better help you to see things from a different
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