Should Women Take A Husband's Last Name In The United States

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One Family Name
Today in the United States, there is a more frequent trend for women to keep their last name after marriage. It should be unacceptable in modern times for a wife to disagree with her spouse about legally changing her last name to his. The whole idea of marriage is for two people to leave behind their individuality, and join together as one unit. Sharing the same name is a symbol that both people have committed to this union without any reservations. Although some people may argue that the man should take the woman’s last name, this is easier said than done. In all but nine states in the United States a whole separate legal name-changing procedure is required for a man to take his wife’s last name. However, a woman can easily change her name through the marriage process alone. Even in contemporary America, a woman should take their husband’s last name after marriage because it will not only benefit them, but it will also benefit their children, their
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After all, a marriage is two people joining together to become one. The woman taking her husband’s last name shows that she is committing herself to be his wife. If a woman has reservations about taking her husband’s last name, then how can she be confident about being his wife. A woman that keeps her maiden name is trying to move forward into a marriage union while still clinging to her past of being a single individual. The man has to do the asking, take on the bills, be the provider and caretaker of the family, it is only right that his last name be taken by his new wife. If the family were to get monograms done or build a family tree for decoration, it would not feel united having different last names on it. A wife taking a husband’s last name is one of the ways that a couple demonstrates their oneness. Also, this sharing of a name signifies a union in all areas of a couple’s
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