Should World Be A Low Standard Of Living With Wine And Beef?

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Should the world continue to grow in population and live in poverty (bread diet) or should we create sound methods to ensure our survival in a higher standard of living with wine & beef? Should world leaders unite in determining carrying capacity ensuring a high standard of living for its citizens and in so doing protecting the world? According to Hardin, “carrying capacity is defined as the maximum number of animals (humans) an area can support.” (Hardin) When a country becomes over populated and no longer able to grow food for its citizens, food is imported. This works assuming the country has the money to purchase the food but it can result in a catastrophic problem if money is scarce or no crops are available to buy. At this point, it is hoped that richer nations will step in and provide grains (bread) to feed the citizens of that country. As Paul Erlich puts it, “the balanced planet is limited and limited resources are on a direct collision course with population growth.” (Sabin) Research indicates that the earth could support 50 billion people but they would survive on substance living such as “bread”. But is that living? Resources are limited, especially if there are 50 billion people roaming the earth. All that the average family could live off of and afford would in fact be bread. Mintz’ shows in ‘Sweetness and Power’ how when a thing like sugar is not readily available, it becomes wildly expensive. The same thing would occur once again in the world;
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