Should You Go All Paleolithic?

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Steven Yates
Mrs. Kale
6 December 2015
Should you go all Paleolithic? Paleo diet focuses on you consuming unrefined, unprocessed foods. In hopes of reducing hidden additives, sweeteners, sodium and other artificial flavorings by consuming what our ancestors did. The diet consists of fresh lean meats, fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds while avoiding dairy, grain, potatoes, salt and other processed foods.
Not everything you read should be believed without supporting evidence many studies prove the short term effects of this miracle weight loss plan without pointing out the beneficial foods lost.
One of these foods is whole grain. Research has shown eating whole grain and fibre at proper quantities to lower risk of
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Other claims for a paleo diet states eating grains will cause inflammation and other bowel related problems. This can be true for people living with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity however only 1% of the United States population has celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity is still a new diagnosis. Symptoms of a few do not always apply to us all.
Any diet is hard with our society’s temptations around every corner, however; paleo diet makes eating out a thing of the past. Preparing your lunches to avoid fast food and home cooking meals can lead many to quit. Planning is critical making time to prepare meal. Any broad list of good and or bad foods can be problematic for most people. Leading to stress and anxiety over how everything is prepared and a sense of being trapped with no selection at family affairs.
The world of nutrition is an ever-changing, ever-growing area. With new nutritional discoveries come new nutritional trends. Some last for years, others fade rather quickly. One of the more popular trends that are currently out there is what’s called the Paleo Diet. The basic idea of this diet is to eat as cavemen ate. This mostly includes foods found in nature, such as nuts, berries, and meat, and that aren’t processed. As with any diet, there are pro’s and con’s to this one. Different diets tend to cater to different aspects of health and nutrition. It is nearly impossible to say that any one
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