Should You Have Media Technology Inside Your Room?

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Should you have Media Technology Inside your Room? Media technology inside the bedroom can definitely disrupt one’s sleep patterns especially that of children. Studies show that kids with video games, televisions, computers, mobile phones and DVD players in their bedrooms slept less than kids with no devices inside their rooms. Who can be affected by Insomnia? Some people are likely to suffer Insomnia compared to other people: 1. Menopausal women 2. Elderly 3. Shift workers with constant changes in shifts 4. Travelers 5. Adolescents or young adult students 6. Drug users 7. Those with mental disordersRead more at location 111 • Delete this highlight Add a note How will Insomnia be cured? Some kinds of Insomnia can be resolved whenever…show more content…
Make use of the right relaxation techniques – muscle relaxation and meditation. Cognitive therapy – it can be in the form of group therapy or one-on-one type of counseling sessions. Stimulus control therapy – make it a point to go to bed when you’re already sleepy, avoid a long daytime nap, refrain from reading, watching TV, eating or getting anxious in bed, and set your clock to a daily alarm schedule. Sleep restriction – if necessary, you need to decrease the amount of time you spend in bed. As much as possible, deprive your body of sleep. This way, you’re more tired the following night.Read more at location 127 • Delete this highlight Add a note Light Therapy – light is a very important aspect of sleeping within the right times. Light Therapy basically makes good use of this by exposing an insomniac to very specific light spectrums during the day and at nighttime. This helps the body efficiently distinguish between “night” and “day”, therefore triggering melatonin production and easing the way to sleep. Light Therapy can be done by professionals although there are also products out in the market today in aid of this system. Light therapy lamps are currently available in many online stores. Sleep Clinic – at some point, doctors may refer you to a sleep clinic where your brain patterns will be recorded during sleep. MedicalRead more at location 139 • Delete this highlight Add a note professionals will then log in their findings and provide you with ideal
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