Should You Have Media Technology Inside Your Room?

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Should you have Media Technology Inside your Room? Media technology inside the bedroom can definitely disrupt one’s sleep patterns especially that of children. Studies show that kids with video games, televisions, computers, mobile phones and DVD players in their bedrooms slept less than kids with no devices inside their rooms. Who can be affected by Insomnia? Some people are likely to suffer Insomnia compared to other people: 1. Menopausal women 2. Elderly 3. Shift workers with constant changes in shifts 4. Travelers 5. Adolescents or young adult students 6. Drug users 7. Those with mental disordersRead more at location 111 • Delete this highlight Add a note How will Insomnia be cured? Some kinds of Insomnia can be resolved whenever the underlying causes wear off or are removed. Generally, curing Insomnia concentrates on determining the root cause of the sleeping problem. Once identified, the underlying cause can be corrected or treated. In addition to curing the underlying reason or cause of Insomnia, both non-pharmacological and medical treatments may be utilized as adjuvant therapies.Read more at location 122 • Delete this highlight Add a note Non-pharmacological Techniques in Curing Insomnia Improve your "sleep time" – do not over or under sleep, get regular exercise, do not force yourself to sleep, always maintain your regular sleep schedule, do not drink coffee at night, don’t smoke, don’t go to bed with an empty stomach, make sure your environment is
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