Should You Live On Campus Or Off Campus?

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Each college student must answer one question: would it be advisable for one to live on-campus or off-campus? Both of these alternatives have advantages and disadvantages, so while picking one has to choose carefully. Entering college is terrifying and leaving home is nerve wracking, especially when they happen at the same time. Although it may be scary, all the benefits of living in a dormitory make up for it. While students who live off-campus can still have a pleasant college experience, students who live on-campus can have an enhanced, social experience because they can get more sleep and make lifelong friends. First, on-campus students have hassle-free living. Everything is provided for students if one lives in a dorm. Furniture,…show more content…
One may spend forty minutes a day driving, which by the end of the school year would roughly be eight-thousand minutes. Those extra minutes could be spent doing homework, taking a nap, cleaning your living space, or showering. Another advantage of working on campus is that this money can go straight towards your tuition. Students may be working for extra money, so instead of taking the money, the school keeps the paycheck and puts it towards the student’s debt. While some jobs run late hours, it is convenient to have security to call so one can feel safe walking back to the dorm. Likewise, many campuses have security present all hours of the day and night. Take, for example, a college campuses security having a cell phone and all students have the phone number. When on-campus, a student gets out of their car at night and does not feel safe, one can have the security walk them safely to their dorm. Security is also present if someone breaks into a car or robs someone 's items. On-campus students can bring around their boyfriend, and some of them can turn out to be dangerous. Security will be a phone call away to make sure they will stay off-campus. Off-campus students do not have security always available to help out. Students can worry less knowing that security is always on campus, which allows students to sleep better at night. Correspondingly, living on-campus allows a student to get more sleep. While off-campus students are stuck in morning
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