Should You Say On Social Media Be Grounds For Getting Expelled From School

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Should what you say on social media be grounds for getting fired from work or expelled from school? Yes I think that people should get fired from their job or either get expelled from school because you shouldn’t post or do anything inappropriate to hurt anyone. Anyone could be stalking or taking a picture of what u doing on your page, you never know who is watching your page or they might be watching you. Social media can cause a lot of problems in people’s lives. When you are looking for a way to get in touch with your family and friends that’s when it’s good to be on social media. About 75% of people take advantages of social media when they post violent things, bully, or either embarrass someone. They should be bigger and better to think before they do something wrong. People should know when to post positive things and when not to post negative things. It would be better if people just scroll down…show more content…
The managers and co-workers might think that their employee says or post bad things about them when they get off work. It is appropriate to be on your cell phones while working on a job or either at school. Some jobs just allow them to use their cell phones on break. Mostly all schools doesn’t allow cell phones because the students like to post fights and other negative things that don’t suppose to been said. It’s all about being professional no matter where you work or go to school at. I think most people know what they put on the internet can cause them getting in trouble most of them may not care because they do it on propose. Some people you cannot tell what to post or do on facebook because of their personality and their attitudes. Social media is good until people start posting negative things. You can get locked up, killed or anything that will ruin your future. That’s why I think that if people post things on the internet it should always be
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