Should You Vaccinate Children Essay

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Should You Vaccinate Your Children?
By Skigh Reinbold | Submitted On August 15, 2015

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Expert Author Skigh Reinbold
Should you vaccinate your children? This is a question that every parent is faced with almost as soon as their child is born because according to the CDC vaccination schedule, the first vaccine is given shortly after birth (HepB). This can sometimes be a controversial topic so let me fully disclose that
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Pros and Cons of Vaccination


Bottom line, Vaccination can save your child's life. Most of the diseases that your child will be vaccinated against according to the CDC vaccination schedule can be deadly. For example, the MMR vaccine protects against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella all of which can be deadly.

Vaccination can save your family a lot of time and money. We all know medical bills are expensive, especially if you have hefty co-pays on your insurance so vaccinating your children can save you the exorbitant amount of money you would spend on medical bills if your child came down with any of the diseases the current vaccination schedule vaccinates against.

Vaccination helps protect future generations. Diseases that used to injure or kill thousands of people are now virtually eliminated or close to extinction all thanks to vaccination. For example, the last cases of naturally occurring paralytic Polio in the United States were in 1979. This is thanks to the miracle of vaccinations and parents continuing to trust their children's doctor!

Vaccinations are safe and effective. We all know that it is tough to watch our little ones receive vaccinations but if you compare that to what they would go through if they were to contract any of the diseases that they are being protected against, it is

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