Should Young Children Use Smartphones and Tablets?

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Young Children using Smartphones and Tablets More and more children are starting to use smartphones and tablets for media. Children are no longer as interested in going outside to play with their friends or watching their favourite television show anymore like they used to. There is no longer a reason for children to go outside or watch television when parents can just use smartphones and tablets to keep their children occupied at home where they know that their children are safe. Smartphones and tablets are basically new babysitters for their children. Even a child that is under 2 years old knows how to use a smartphone and tablet, before they are even potty trained. That is more than just being ridiculous. Children should not be using smartphones and tablets at an age where they should be physically moving and exploring, and doing activities that will help them with their developmental domains. A child cannot learn new skills when they are just sitting in one spot watching a video on the smartphone or tablet of another person playing with play dough or other activities; the child should be doing the activity, not watch another person on YouTube doing the activities. Parents say that smartphones and tablets help keep their children from being fussy, hyperactive etc. at places, but lets stop and think for a moment, weren’t parents once children? Did their parents have the technologies to give to them when they were younger? No, but they were still able to survive through all
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