Should Zoos Banned

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The majority of the people in the US have visited a zoo and seen the many creatures within the walls. But is this right to do? To capture animals, injured or not from their natural habitat and confine them to small limited area to which they begin to lose their natural instincts? An article written by Alison Benjamin and Toby Moses named “Should Zoos be Banned?” goes into detail about their opinions on zoosa and whether or not zoos should stay or be banned. Their article argues both point, the pros of staying by Benjamin and the cons of banning by Moses. A few key points they point out are: the educational purpose, animal behavior, breeding and human enjoyment. Benjamin starts the article off arguing that zoos are cruel places that animals don't need to be in. She starts her section off by mentioning the shooting of the gorilla Harambe in the Cincinnati zoo. She mentions how the underlying problem in the shooting was that the gorilla was locked up in the first place. She continues on with that kids may see zoo’s enjoyable because they can get close to the animals they see on TV, but that they are just a relic of the Victorian age and that we should stick to viewing distinctive animals in the comfort of our homes on our TV’s. Benjamin then pulls out a secret that's been hiding under the rug if you would about zoos. She talks about how they prescribe Prozac to some of the animals. Prozac is an drug used to treat depression, OCD and panic disorders. This was a good use

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