Should Zoos Be A Zoo?

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According to United Nations Environment Programme,the Earth is filled with eight million, seven hundred thousand species,. The high number of species inspired a population of entrepreneurs to capture and display the animals at a cost, which caused the establishment well known as a zoo. Zoos house rare and exotic animals that attract various crowds, from groups of families to busloads of rowdy children on a field trip for amusement and educational purposes. Although zoos contain rare animals, finding a zoo is nowhere near rare. In fact, the polar opposite. These amusement parks are located in urban and rural areas across America and around the world. However, the attraction of paying customers invoke the cycle of animal incarceration. There’s no justifications that prove beneficial enough for animals being held captive and held against their will; a genuine animal lover respects animal rights and would want to boycott the confinement by zoos to eliminate cruelty. To begin with, wild animals were not meant for zoos, they belong in the wild. The wild is land uninhabited by people; a place where adapted animals breed, engage in social behavior and hunt just as the humans. In the wild, dozens of thousands of animals migrate in large groups for about thirty to fifty miles a day, in search of food or a place to breed. According to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), caged animals die in artificial habitats as a result of negative effects of confinement. PETA has

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