Should a child be put in a small class or a large class? Essay

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Should a child be put in a small class or a large class?

So as a parent would you send your child to a class with over 30 kids? Many people have advocated that children, especially those in grades K-6, should not have to be in a class of 30 kids. A child’s first couple years of school should be a place of comfort to these kids, not a place of distress and confusion. Studies have shown that children who are taught in small classes are likely to achieve more later on, whereas those who begin school as a part of a larger class, do not. Class size is not something that just started to be a concern in the world of education. Class size has affected the way kids learn for a long time now. There are many things being done within the
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Convincing data demonstrates that reducing class size, particularly for younger children, has a positive effect on student achievement overall.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is a strong advocate for reducing class size to help raise student achievement, especially in high-poverty, at-risk schools. In addition to increasing student achievement, reduced class size also improves the classroom atmosphere, which allows students to receive more individualized attention and teachers have flexibility to use different instructional approaches. Fewer students mean less distractions and a lower level of noise enabling teachers to connect with children more effectively.

Another important improvement is some teachers have fewer students to distract each other due to a lower level of noise. This also, enables teachers to know the students better and can offer more “extra help” (American Federation of Teachers, 2001 p. 1).

Problems with reducing class size

"What I think people really ought to be angry about is for how long in our system we have pushed kids through, knowing that inevitably they weren't going to succeed, they weren't going to get the education they need," This quote came from a well known politician in New York named (Klein), somebody who is speaking out and supporting the idea of reduced class size (Cruz, W. 2004 p.15). Several studies have documented how students benefit from smaller classes. While smaller classes
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