Should both Parents Take Equal Responsibility in Raising a Children

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After any couple married they start sharing every responsibility in their life and their life became as a farm: the father is farmer and the mother is a land and the children are the seeds and both parents should take care of these seed as they grow. In fact, there is argument in these important issue that is both parents should assume equal responsibility for raising children. However, some people believe that the mother is the first one to teach children many epacts for their life and some defend that father is prime factor in the children life. Indeed, I assume that both parents are prime factors in the children life, also there are many studies prove that both parents can give the children a good life and help them to be fare from wrong said. So, one of the parents can’t supply for the children what they need from the financial aspect and happiness and security, also when we take about other children whose leave with single mother when their father leave them or because they are fatherless, they become homeless and habitual drinking. As a result, children need their parents to take care of them for two reason, a good relationship between children and their parents, and that will enable children to learn skills from their parents.
The first reason why both parents should take equal responsibility to raise children is…
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