Should the Federal Government Provide Health Care for All Citizens Who Cannot Afford Their Own?

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SHOULD THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PROVIDE HEALTH CARE FOR ALL CITIZENS WHO CANNOT AFFORD THEIR OWN? Health care is not a privilege. In fact, a good level and quality on healthcare should be an inalienable right for all people. Social class, status or economic situation shouldn’t dictate who live and enjoy of good health or who doesn’t. Healthcare in America should be universal, continuous, and affordable to all individuals and families. Although some of the states in the US are taking unilateral measures not to focus exclusively on the poor, but seeks to guarantee health access to any uninsured people, achieving universal coverage will require federal leadership and support, regardless of which strategy is adopted to achieve this…show more content…
Specific coverage and benefit details vary from state to state (Raffel, 224). This is intended to help people with high medical costs that are not old enough for Medicare. Although Medicaid may sound generous, the program has many narrowing limitations. Numerous restrictions prevent the program from being offered to everyone who is poor and cannot afford medical care. Eligibility for the program is not based on need alone, but is also affected by age, family status, and medical condition. Beyond the federal programs Medicare and Medicaid, inhabitants of the United States must look to private organizations to provide their healthcare. People may enroll in these independent health insurance plans through their employer or on their own if they can pay for it. Financial burdens greatly limit the system’s accessibility; however, many in the U.S. are unable to fully utilize either option. Census estimates from 1999 indicate that 43 million Americans live without health insurance even though 75 percent of them have a full-time job or live in a household with at least one member working full-time (Mueller, , 5) In addition to the totally uninsured, census estimates also reveal that approximately 42 million other people in the U.S. are underinsured. This means that they have some insurance, but are still unable to afford all of their needed prescriptions, tests, visits to physicians, or hospital

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