Should the General Manager Be Fired?

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Should the Manager be Fired? Cohort H Group 2 June 19, 2016 Table of Contents Executive Summary3 Case Summary3-4 Major Issues5 Analysis of Major Issues 5-9 Action Alternatives9-10 Analysis of Alternatives10-11 Recommendations11-12 Implementation of Issues12-13 Reference14 Executive Summary This report was compiled with the intent to offer an examination and interpretation of the major issues that arose in the case study “Should the General Manager Be Fired?” In this report, we provide a brief case summary detailing the actual events that took place within the case study. We then locate and describe three main issues that lead to the crisis at Rainbow Group’s Hangzhou Company. Next, we provide analysis of these…show more content…
This was a big change from Wang’s slack management style. Conflict quickly arose between Chu and Wang. As the fighting became worse between Chu and Wang, the more Chu started micromanaging the company. This caused employee morale to drop dramatically. Wang organized the senior executives to make an impromptu visit to the head office to express their dissatisfaction with Chu to Cheng. After Cheng met with Liu and Dai of the executive group he was sure that he would have to fire Chu from the GM role. He called her in to go over the problems brought in by the executives under her. Chu explained that she was making headway and first-line employees were realizing the benefits of her approach. However, she would need 3 more months to get the executives on board with her approach. She felt certain the facts would convince them and that she would sit down and discuss this with the executive team if he would give her the extra few months. Cheng is at a cross road on whether or not to give Chu 3 more months. He believes that “success belongs to the persevering” and that an additional 3 months will give him time to find a suitable replacement. On the other hand, he does not know if the company can take three more months with Chu at the helm. Major Issues There were many issues that contributed to the crisis described in the case report regarding the Hangzhou Company. For simplicity, we
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