Should the Legal Drinking Age Be Lowered?

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"This law has been an abysmal failure. It hasn't reduced or eliminated drinking. It has simply driven it underground, behind closed doors, into the most risky and least manageable of settings,"(Debate) said John McCardell of “Choose Responsibility”. Choose Responsibility is a non-profit organization that is for lowering the drinking age to 18. Young adults can vote, fight and die for their country overseas, and purchase tobacco at age 18, but why cannot they have a beer? Drinking among the youth in the United States has escalated to dangerous levels such as binge drinking, reckless parties, and even death. The average age when kids take their first sip of alcohol is a staggering 14 years of age (Debate). The legal drinking age of…show more content…
The adults in this country should step up their game, and put a stop to these actions. This brings in the next option. Which is for parents to step in, take command, and teach their kids the responsibilities of being a young adult. The legal age of 21 pushes kids under the age behind closed doors, putting them in the out most danger of alcohol and the effects of it on the bodies of the youth. Behind these closed doors, teens are least supervised around a big group of friends with tons of alcohol, and the peer pressure of having one more drink, then that turns into two more drinks, then that into three, and so on a so forth. This act of binge drinking could skyrocket the risks of getting into a car with friends and driving under the influence. DUI's can cause death, which leads to lawsuits, which then leads to less money, then leads to more problems at home and blood on the parents' hands. Adults of this country are reconized at the age of eighteen. On a child's eighteenth birthday, the adult may want to go enlist in the army, buy a carton of cigarettes, or even vote for the next president of the USA. But they cannot purchase alcohol. What is worse; fighting overseas with machine guns with blood everywhere, or a beer? If the United States of America's government says that a child at 18 is a legal adult and move out on his/her own and start a family or do anything listed above, but they cannot purchase or legally consume alcohol. The
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