Should the U.S. Government Require All Americans to Have Health Insurance?

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The question that has been brought to the table is should the U.S. Government require all American to have health insurance. Yes indeed the US government should require all Americans to have health insurance, however if they are going to require all Americans to have health insurance, they need to provide a financial reasonable options for American to purchase. The way the health care system has worked in the past, it would be very difficult to mandate all Americans purchase heath care without offering plans that they can afford. A major question that comes up in regards to health care is who pays the bill when Americans who are not insured require health care. The New York Times printed an article by Robert Pear, which reported that on December 24, 2009, the US senate passed the first bill, which would call for major reform regarding health care in the United States (Pear). The article titled “Senate Passes Health Care Overhaul on Party-Line Vote,” discusses the fact that while this step was a major milestone in the process of providing Americans with affordable heath care, it was not the end of the road. Over the coming months and years there would be a lot of give and take between democrats and republicans to revise the bill to the point where both sides could support it. One of the major points in this reform is that the US government was now going to offer affordable plans including subsidy options which would allow more Americans affordable options which were
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