Should the U.S. Invest in the Research and Use of Alternative Energies?

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Alternative energies are the future of power. They will be the power that will sustain human life until the end. This is why the United States government should invests more towards the research and use of alternative energies. Alternative energies are any energy that will replace fossil fuels. Some common alternative energies are solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, hydrogen, and biofuels. The U.S. should use those alternative energies over fossil fuels, Petroleum (oil), coal, and natural gas. We currently have ways to store and use these types of energies but the ways we have are not the most effective. That is why the U.S. should fund the research of better ways to harvest and use these alternative energies. All…show more content…
a job. If the U.S. were to implant new associations that created and made wind turbines, solar panels, dams, etc. available they would need workers. These workers would be American citizens. The cash flow through the American people and businesses would bring the U.S. out of its suffering economy. This would also help keep the environment clean, save money, and benefit the U.S. and its people in general. This is a logical and beneficial solution, it should be in place today. The main argument against switching to the alternative energies is that not everyone is willing to switch. People don't wish to switch because of the cost factor and that it may take a lot of time. That is foolishness. The reason no one wishes to switch is because they don't truly know how beneficial switching would be. Some even say they don't wish to switch because the American government won't either. The people who won't switch have not been completely informed. There is the savings benefit. Consumers can save a lot of money by making a switch. Consumers help the environment by switching and you help the economy. Most people would be willing, maybe even eager, to switch if they were well informed and knew the benefits of switching. The most debated argument is whether these alternative energies can provide all the power the U.S. needs. They could. Obviously not a couple of wind turbines or a few solar panels
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