Should the Us Adopt a Flat Federal Income Tax?

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Should the United States Adopt a “Flat” Federal Income Tax?

Courtney Crowley

ECO 211

Professor Reyes
The tax system in the United States has changed throughout the years, with many attempts to make it "fair" or "equal" while at the same time generating enough income for the United States government to thrive. It is a complex issue, and a controversial one at that. While it may not be possible for our tax system to ever be fair, it is important to make sure it doesn 't put more financial stress and pressure on one group than on another.
Currently, the United States ' taxation system is progressive, which means the more money a person makes, the more that person is taxed. According to the Congressional Budget Office 's website,
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Think tanks are generally trustworthy and credible organizations, and Mitchell 's work had facts supported by strongly backed-up evidence, complete with references cited.
Also strong in statistical evidence and extensive research demonstrated through the use of mathematical equations and models, the article I found in the library 's database appears to be credible as well. The authors do not appear to be affiliated with any political organizations. Hughlene Burton is a Ph.D. and accounting professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
Holley Ulbrich, as I stated before, is a fellow at the Strom Thurmond Institute at Clemson University, which is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy research organization. She has also obtained her Ph.D., and even though her work was found in the opinion section of the US News website, I believe her standpoint to be credible. Her findings were written in a balanced and objective manner.
In conclusion, there are several valid points on both sides of the argument of adopting a flat federal tax. Doing so would undoubtedly make the process of filing taxes much easier, but in my opinion, flat rate taxes should not be an option. I do not find it fair to tax a certain percentage of income which would be a big hit to lower income households and businesses, but a more minimal hit to someone with a higher income. To a wealthy person, that percentage of money could mean sacrificing something relatively unimportant,

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