Should the business move to the cloud

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REVIEW QUESTIONS: Page 230 1) What is IT infrastructure and what are its components?  Define IT infrastructure from both a technology and a service perspective. Technical views – It is defined as shared technology resources which provide the platform for the company’s’ specific information system applications. It consists of a set of physical devices and software application that required operating the entire enterprise. Computing platform used to provide services that connect employees, customers, and suppliers into a coherent digital environment, including large mainframes, midranges computers, desktop and laptop computers, and mobile handheld and remote cloud computing services. Services views - is defined as providing the…show more content…
 Multiple physical resources to appears as single logical resources.  Increase server utilization rates to 70 percent or higher.  Reduce hardware expenditures. Higher utilization rates translate into fewer computers required to process the same amount of work.  Mask server resources from server users.    Reduce power expenditures. Run legacy applications on older versions of an operating system on the same server as newer applications. Facilitates centralization of hardware administration. c. Multicore processors Benefits of multi-core processors:  The main saving is reducing power requirements and hardware sprawl  Less costly to maintain as fewer systems need to be monitored.  Performance and productivity benefits beyond the capabilities of today’s singlecore processors.  Able to handle the exponential growth of digital data and the globalization of the Internet.  Able to meet the demands of sophisticated software applications under development.  Run applications more efficiently than single-core processors – giving users the ability to keep working even while running the most processor intensive task in the background.  Able to increase performance in areas such as data mining, mathematical analysis, and Web serving. 4) What are the current trends in software platforms?  Define and describe open source software and Linux and explain their
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