Should we drill for oil in Alaska's wilderness? Essays

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Should we drill for oil in Alaska’s Wilderness?

The world, as we know it, is in the midst of having an oil crisis. Our nation starves and bends at the will of this dreadful calamity. Our deprivation for this atrocious corruption has led us to look for oil deposits in the Alaskan Wilderness. The US needs oil and by drilling for oil on our own land, we would help our economy, but in doing so would destroy the beauty of the wilderness and harm many others. The matter on hand is that should we drill for oil in Alaska’s wilderness? My opinion and answer to this question would simply be no. The United States of America should not drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness. I hold strongly to this belief for I am someone who does not tempt to
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They will soon realize and see that drilling will ruin the resources, the land, and the beauty that their culture and tradition relies and depends so heavily upon. We should put this into careful consideration for we do not want to repeat history. The author in Document D may not be the best person to represent the Inupiat people. He is a shareholder of a corporation that would benefit financially from the drilling. This leads back to greed and so the consensus of the other Inupiat people who rely heavily on their environment may not agree. The drilling will pollute resources, scare off food sources, and ruin the environment itself. If the Inupiat people hold a strong relationship with their traditional way of life, they won’t be happy with the outcome of the drilling. We have seen this too many times in the past, where violence will concur and repeating history and mistakes is something we should take into careful consideration. Do we want to take the land away from people who have there lived for centuries and have developed their way of life based on their land? One of the last of the world’s true wilderness, the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge is “one of the largest sanctuaries for Arctic animals, (where)… it is a vital birthing ground for polar bears, grizzlies, Arctic wolves, caribou, and the endangered shaggy ox” (Document E). By drilling for oil on this land, we would potentially endanger the wildlife and the
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