Should you listen to the customer? Essay

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This case study presents the Delacroix Company which has to face with new objectives: to identify new channels of distribution of their shows. The goals are setup by the members’ boards and we have three persons involved in a new challenge: should they listen to the customer feedback? Natalia is an experimented member of the company who hired Elizabeth as an marketing responsible. They have to propose a new marketing strategy based on the client feedback, but Henry, the founder of the company, has a different opinion.
Why doesn’t Henry want to listen to the customers? Does he have a point? Are there some businesses where you should not listen to the customer? What about his Smurf comment?
Henry doesn’t want to take in
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From a point of view he was right, because he is offering a standard service and doesn’t want to adapt to some client needs. The questions is: how many of his clients want to see Smurfs dancers? So he should accept some client feedback.

Could marketing research have prevented the “mask incident” discussed in the case? What was Henry s response to this?
I think marketing research would help to prevent “mask incident” by identifying the segmentation of customer’s types. Using analysis methods, research and identifying the medium age of their customers they could offer the right service. Or to identify the optimal hours for their shows, demographical information about the region where they went to offer the services, also will help them to obtain a desired feedback. “No more scary masks of our shows” is a limited conclusion related to the business objectives. Henry should try some research in customer tastes and identify persons who like “scary shows”. Using collected data, Delacroix have the opportunity to offer shows related to their customers. Maybe a lot of customers from an area want to see this type of shows, which will generate revenues for the company. The same shows with “friendly masks” should be offered to another types of clients.
What would you do if you were Natalia? Should she try to persuade Henry to do some research?
If I would be
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