Shouldice Case

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“Shouldice Hospital, the house that hernias built, is a converted country estate which gives the hospital a ‘country club’ appeal.”

A quote from American Medical News

Shouldice Hospital in Canada is widely known for one thing – hernia repair! In fact, that is the only operation it performs, and it performs a great many of them. Over the past two decades this small 90-bed hospital has averaged 7,000 operations annually. Last year, they had a record year and performed nearly 7,500 operations. Patients’ ties to Shouldice do not end when they leave the hospital. Every year the gala Hernia Reunion dinner (with complimentary hernia inspection) draws in excess of 1,000 former patients. Some of who have been attending the event for
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At the conclusion of the operation, the patient is invited to walk from the operating table to a nearby wheelchair, which is waiting to return him to his room. After a brief period of rest, he is encouraged to get up and start exercising. By 9 P.M. that day, he is in the lounge having cookies and tea, and talking with new, incoming patients.

The skin clips holding the incision together are loosened, and some are removed the next day. The remainder are removed the following morning just before the patient is discharged.

When Shouldice Hospital started, the average hospital stay for hernia surgery was three weeks. Today, many institutions push “same day surgery” for a variety of reasons. Shouldice Hospital firmly believes that this is not in the best interests of patients, and is committed to their three day process. Shouldice’s post-op rehabilitation program is designed to enable the patient to resume normal activities with minimal interruption and discomfort. Shouldice patients frequently return to work in a few days, the average total time off is eight days.

“It is interesting to note that approximately! out of every 100 Shouldice patients is a medical doctor.”

Future Plans

The management of Shouldice is thinking of expanding the hospital’s capacity to serve considerable unsatisfied demand. To this effect, the vice president is seriously considering two

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