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Solution for Q1: Shouldice hospital is a leader in treating patients who suffer from Hernia. Shouldice achieved outstanding performance and reputation through its distinguished services to customers in terms of cost, quality, delivery and flexibility Cost: At Shouldice, Operating cost is not the only cost factor that attract customers. Besides, typical operation cost (including the patients stay at hospital) ranges from only $954 to $1029 compared to a total of $2,000 to $4,000 elsewhere. Even if we consider the transportation charges for patients who came to Shouldice from outside of Canada, it cost them less compared to the operating cost alone at other hospitals. Apart from this, Shouldice has various pre operation procedures that…show more content…
Weekly Hospital Bed Capacity: 111.25 Referring to the results from the calculations in appendix, and the given information that Hospital is operating nearly 137 people per week, we can conclude that maximum capacity of the hospital beds per week is 111.25(refer to Appendix 2). So, the bottle neck resource of Shouldice is the capacity room which contains only 89 beds. Also, if the doctors work on Saturday’s , the patients who arrive on Fridays can be operated on Saturdays which will force the patients to leave on Tuesday morning instead of Thursday morning and give space for patients who arrive on Tuesday. Appendix1: Process Flow chart Appendix2: Calculation Details The weekly capacity (parents per week) (1) Examination Rooms: 263.5 people/week (2) Nurse’s Stations: 203 people/week (3) Operating Rooms: 160 people/week 1. Examination Room Flow Time: 17.5min/people Flow Rate: 1/17.5/60=3.43 people/hour Time Span*: 180-10-10-7.5=152.5 min Capacity: 3.43*6 = 20.6 people/hour 20.6*153.5/60 = 52.7 people/day 52.7*5 = 263.5

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