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Question 1 Model Shouldice Hospital as a processing operation with products, attributes and resources. Model Shouldice Hospital as a Processing Operations unit can be viewed as having the following Process structure. Input: The patients entering the Clinic after getting the confirmation on the date of the operation. Output: The output in this case is the number of successfully operated patients who underwent the entire process. Flow Unit: This is one patient that go through the process. The Process starts when the patient enters the hospital and ends on the day of the discharge. We can also find that the number of inputs in the process may not be equal to or could be less than the number of output. There are patients who are sent…show more content…
* Variety: The hospital deals only with the external abdomen hernia. The hospital is highly specialized in this particular area. Even though, there are plans for diversification to other specialties like eye surgery etc. but currently, nothing in the pipeline. * Quality: The quality of service that the patients in shouldice hospital receive is high. As the recurrence levels are low, the reliability is high. Since, there are free checkups annually for alumni and free services for clergy and parents, it can be inferred that the serviceability is also effective. Process Attributes * The Costs involved in the process are 1.10 per meal, 30k for operating rooms, Staff’s salary, and profit sharing. The operating cost of hospital and clinic in 1983 was estimated to $2.8 million and $2million respectively. * The Flow time is the time taken to treat the patient once he enters the process. That is 4 days. It includes the Pre op and Post OP and the morning of the day they get discharged. * Flexibility: Because of the specialized resource the flexibility is restricted to an extent. But, if we look at the ability to deal with the fluctuating demand, the hospital uses measures to discharge patients that are ready to go, a day earlier. * Quality: It can be inferred that the quality of the process is quite high as the recurrence rate was just 0.8% compared to 10% in the other markets.

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