Shouldice Hospital Case Study Essay

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1.0 Description of Situation and Identification of Problems 1.1 Service The Shouldice Hospital competitive advantage is that it only conducts external hernia operations and is specifically designed and operated to provide the highest probabilities for successful treatment with “country club like” patient service. Hernia operations typically have a 90% success rate, with Shouldice hernia operations boasting over a 99% success rate. The Shouldice competitive advantage can be summarized into:  Surgical technique: layered/increased sutured repair technique conducted via local anesthesia  Postoperative regimen and facility design supporting early/ongoing ambulation and socialization  Comprehensive and “country club like” location…show more content…
2.0 Major Objectives It is not clear in the case how the administrator, Alan O’Dell is evaluated. The hospital wants to continue servicing customers needing hernia repairs, and possibly increase its capacity to meet the increasing demand. Shouldice has been considering expansion, but is unsure about how to accomplish this without affecting its excellent patient service. The hospital is concerned about competitor misuse and improper use of the Shouldice procedures which detrimentally affect the Shouldice name and reputation. And lastly, the lead Shouldice surgeon is retiring and needing to be replaced with a surgeon that will embrace the regimented Shouldice protocols but also be open to improvement opportunities and change. Shouldice Hospital does not appear to have issues with customer service, work force management or quality but is struggling with what objective to focus upon. Creating and agreeing upon a vision and mission would help determine the path forward for Shouldice Hospital. The issue of capacity appears to be the most concerning and difficult to answer for Dr Shouldice. 3.0 Identify alternative courses of action. Shouldice Hospital has several options available to them for increasing capacity: • Spend $2M to expand current bed capacity by adding a third floor. This would enable continuing the current process procedures
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