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Shouldice hospital is a facility in Thornhill Ontario, Canada that specializes in hernia operations. The facility was established by Dr. Edward Earle Shouldice in 1945, during World War II. Dr. Shouldice developed a natural tissue, tension free technique that he used on the many soldiers before he opened up the hospital. The hospital is made of 89 beds, 5 operating rooms (45 patient rooms), 5 operating rooms, 6 examination rooms, a laboratory, a patient recovery room, a kitchen/cafeteria, dining rooms, a lounge area, recreational areas, and a sunroom. Because the hospital has a limited staff -- 10 full-time surgeons specialized exclusively in treating hernias, 8 part-time assistant surgeons, 2 anesthetists, and 34 full-time nurses—there is a low turnover rate. Shouldice Hospital’s strategy is very unique and different from other hospitals. Shouldice only treats patients with hernia and requires that the patients do not have any other health issues prior to treatment. Contrary to most other hospitals, patients only stay about three and a half days at Shouldice (Day 1: Doctor’s exam to qualify for surgery, orientation; Day 2: Surgeries in
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Although patients are cared for extensively at other hospitals, Shouldice’s approach to have patients care for themselves—not including the actual operation—seems quite suitable; patients need to be able to move around and adjust as much as possible after an operation. Davidow and Uttal (1989) state that “Measured by how often patients need treatment for the same problem, Shouldice is ten times more effective than other hospitals.” Very pleased with the treatment they received, many former patients honor hospital with at an annual reunion. The hospital also sends its former patients a letter in the mail every year for their follow-up program to assess the long-term success of each operation

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