Shouldice Hospital Limited. Case Study Analysis

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Acceltion,s Service Guarantee

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1. Perfonnance Guarantee

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Accellion guarantees that the performance of the.Net-work uproading and downloading content,
Accellion service ' will be no t*t p"."*t of that w1n hich ';;.hr;"*d by a benchmik origin as a resurt of usine the site being accessejfrom
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3. Customer Service

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whit erse may be needed for achieoing such a culture? . Do you

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think customers mEht take adaantage of this guarantee and "stage" seraice f;ilures to inaokeTlrr 'grorantee?
If yes, how could Acceuion minimize potentiar iheating on its guarantee?

The Accellion Service



Case 16

Shouldic e Ho spit al Limite d (Abri dge d)
JeuEs Hpsrprr AND Rocnn HellowELL

A Canadian hospital specializing in hernia operations is considering whether and how to expand the reach of its seraices, including expansion into other specialty areas. Various proposals haae been adaanced to increase the capacity of the hospital

without demotiaating the staff or losing control oaer seraice quality, which, in addition to achieoing excellent medical outcomes, has created a aery deaoted base of patient "alumni."
Options include adding Saturday surgical operations, building an extension, and constructing a neTD hospital in another location, perhaps in the United States.
TWo shadowy figures, enrobed and in slippers, walked

slowly down the semi-darkened hall of the Shouldice
Hospital. They didn 't notice Alan O 'Dell, the hospital 's managing director, and his guest. Once they were out of earshot, O 'Dell remarked good nature dLy, "By the way they act, you 'd think our patients own this place. And while they 're here, in a way they do." Following a visit to the five operating rooms, O 'Dell and his visitor once again

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