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1. Executive Summary Shouldice hospital is a specialized hospital in the repair of external abdominal hernias in Canada. The hospital was established by Dr. Shouldice the founder of a new and superior surgical technique, now known as the Shouldice method, for repairing hernias which yields better medical results as well as a significantly shorter recovery time. The Shouldice Hospital is a successful organization and admired by most of the people who had relation with it or who have heard of it. Moreover, some of the hospitals and surgeons take benefit of the Shouldice method in their advertisement although they hardly perform it perfectly. This leads the hospital to become notorious. Shouldice is operating at its "best operating level"…show more content…
They are intensively trained in the Shouldice method and offered a huge amount of experience as a result of the high number or operations executed; team rotation and team consultations also aim at enhancing experience. This in turn leads to a very high success rate of operations as well as a minimal recurrence rate. Surgeons are also offered an above market average salary as well as profit sharing plan and a reasonable work load in an effort to retain them and make them more content with their jobs.  The Shouldice hospital has no formal organization chart, which is an indication of their home like attitude. This freedom is believed to serve as a motivating factor and encourage employee to reach their full potential without having a fixed job description obscuring them. This philosophy encourages job rotation which removes monotony from the job and makes employees prepared to face crisis situations. Even the effort of the students in trying to formulate an organization chart for the hospital results in a very flat chart indicating the extent of autonomy enjoyed by the employees as well as the high level of efficiency pointed at by the relatively small number of employees in the hospital. Thus one can conclude that the organizational structure of the hospital is another exceptional strength of Shouldice. 3.5. Economic efficiency The Shouldice method and operations strategy offers a high level of economic

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